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Sal Monastero
Executive Director
Sal Monastero, Executive Director and original organizer of Community Outreach Properties, Inc., offers vast business experience in several industries beside the many aspects in real estate rentals and property management.
While operating and managing his various business interests over the years, Mr. Monastero has been investing in and managing his rental properties since 1980. Some of the rental properties that he has acquired since 1999 are still owned and managed by him and his sons.
Mr. Monastero believes that finding the right families to occupy the properties is the most important factor in successful property management.  By maintaining the property to his higher standards, the occupying family can focus on their other priorities.  Low-income families and families with disabilities have so much more to deal with in their daily lives then most of us, and Mr. Monastero feels that safe and decent housing should not be another burden.

He also sponsors and regularly devotes time to some local groups that provide avenues for families to help other families by donating some un-wanted or un-needed every day items.  Daily necessity items, such as food and baby bottles as well as complete bedroom sets and financial help to pay utility bills, are passed from one family to another within the local communities instead of being sent to the landfill or another charity that sells them or sends them overseas. It is this kind of community cooperation that can make a big difference in some families daily lives, and is the core principle of Community Outreach Properties, Inc.
Above all else, Mr. Monastero's goal, and that of Community Outreach Properties, Inc., is to provide the safe, decent and affordable housing that each and every one of us would want for our own families to those that need it the most. 

Joseph  L. Stravato
With a background in finance and entrepreneurship history including experience as a tax auditor for the NYC Law Department and founding several start-up organizations which all totaled millions of dollars in sales, Joseph Stravato represents the financial and accounting guru of Community Outreach Properties, Inc. 
After graduating from the City University of New York - Baruch with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and being employed as an accountant for a mutual fund, Mr. Stravato spent nine years with the NYC Law Department where he was promoted to the highest accounting position.  He then brought his financial expertise into the private sector where he worked as an investment banker F D Roberts Investments and several Securities Exchange firms for over 20 years and in that time his transactions combined for a total of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars .  He is also a co-founder of NYCOM Information Services where he maintained investor relations and was instrumental in raising over $31 Million for this publicly traded company. Currently Mr. Stravato is the CEO and President of Omega World Incorporated, a US company that he formed which licensed and patented a Korean technology to a worldwide market.
Mr. Stravato has a proven success record in investment banking and an aptness in accounting and tax law,along with his natural goodwill and knack for developing significant business contacts is as much a credit to his accomplishments as his versatile knowledge. The skills Mr. Stravato provides Community Outreach Properties, Inc. is the in-depth knowledge and sound understanding of financial dealings this organization needs.  

Jerome White

Jerome White began his social work/healthcare career working for Little Flower Children and Family Services in his early twenties, providing care for adolescents who have been neglected or abused.  It was then that he learned his gift for mentoring under-privileged kids and his passion for giving back to his community.  He then spent the next 15 years dedicated to social work, employed in various Family Service centers throughout Long Island while studying for his Licensed Practical Nursing Certificate.  Upon passing the LPN Boards, Mr. White joined the Community Outreach Team and serves as an excellent role model for children who need focus in life skills.

Geoffrey D. Stone
Senior Housing Consultant 
With over 20 years experience in Housing and Community Development, Geoffrey Stone brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to Community Outreach Properties, Inc., matched only by his devotion to providing better opportunities to families in need.  Educated at Carnegie Mellon University, which consistently ranks among the top 25 business schools by 
US News and World Report . He began his career as a Loan Officer for Bank of America's Commack, Long Island  branch, where he also served as liaison to community housing advocacy groups.  In the mid to late 1990's, Mr. Stone moved on to become a Project Manager for Long Island Housing Partnership, a non-profit organization.  Aside from managing and inspecting construction projects to ensure compliance of HUD safety guidelines, he was responsible for developing relationships with faith-based community organizations.  He later became the Director of Housing for another non-profit organization, Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk, Inc., where he managed and coordinated affordable housing programs as well as identified county-owned properties to be purchased and rehabilitated.   By 2003, Mr. Stone became CEO of Inland Valley Economic Developmental Corporation in the Inland Empire region of Southern California that successfully raised over $850,000 in 6 years for affordable housing programs in 12 cities there.  His 2009 return to Long Island found him as a Project Consultant for a Victory Housing.

Mr. Stone brings to the team extended knowledge on almost every aspect of the home-buying process from construction, appraisal to acquiring a mortgage to community program planning and first time homeowner counseling.   

Tammie Turner
Housing Counselor/Grants Specialist
Tammie Turner is a Briarcliffe College graduate and a home ownership counselor. She has performed rental, home ownership and foreclosure counseling.
Tammie has received certification through Neighborworks Center for Home Ownership in the areas of homebuyer and foreclosure counseling. She has worked with individuals and families seeking home ownership, as well as with banks, law firms, and distressed homeowners in foreclosure clinics throughout Long Island.

Nicholas J. Monastero
Housing Specialist
A Long Island native, Nicholas Monastero was born and raised in Bay Shore and studied at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration.  In 1999, he began a career at the New York Stock Exchange as a Contract Page, otherwise known as a Runner.  Later that year he was hired by Phoenix Partners, LLC, a Specialist Firm on the floor of the NYSE, as a Specialist's Trading Assistant.
After gaining valuable experience and inestimable knowledge of the financial world, Nick turned his focus to the Real Estate market in 2003 with intentions to assist people in his community acquire the house of their dreams.  Three years later, after employment in various fields of real estate, he started his own real estate appraisal business, "NJ Monastero & Associates, Inc.", which provides real estate valuation and appraisal services on Long Island, all five boroughs of NYC, as well as Westchester and Putnam counties.
Mr. Monastero is a NYS Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, on the FHA Roster of approved appraisers, he is qualified as an Expert Witness in Real Estate Appraisals in the New York State Supreme Court, and an Associate Member of the Appraisal Institute.  

Nicholas Monastero is an invaluable member of the team who brings vast amount of experience in all rounds of business management and researching properties for value and overall structure assuring that the properties we acquire qualify as decent, safe and secure homes that would be a proper place to raise a family. 

Claudia Monastero
Secretary/Financial Advisor
Claudia Monastero, a graduate of SUNY at Old Westbury, joined the Community Outreach team after building a 30-year career in accounting. Her experience has spanned from small, medium and large privately held businesses to publicly held corporations.
Before joining Professional Equipment, Inc. in 1993, Claudia gained much of her early experience managing her own accounting firm. Her clients included a  hospital, restaurants, retailers, and a telecommunication company.  She is currently the CFO of Active Web Group,Inc., an affiliate of Professional Equipment, Inc.. In addition to the responsibility of managing the finances of Active Web Group, Mrs. Monastero oversees the Human Resources Department of the company.
Despite the high demands of her daily business commitments, Mrs. Monastero understands the importance of family values and makes certain to spend quality time with her husband, children and grandchildren.