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Community Outreach Properties, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was organized in 2006 by a group of individuals with a common goal - to provide low-income families and those with disabilities with their share of the American Dream, a decent home to raise their family that helps them provide a solid family structure for their children.  Our first, but not only, priority is helping these families acquire homes for rent and that these homes satisfy all safety requirements, particularly for those that require special needs and/or handicapped accessibility.  We are principally, but not exclusively, concerned with accommodating families who are already receiving government aide such as Section 8 and other Social Service programs.  
In addition to our devotion to providing these families with safe, affordable, and decent housing, we also offer counseling and information covering home ownership, the benefits and responsibility. 

We hope that by making these homes available to under-privileged families it will set them on a course that will eventually lead them to being homeowners instead of renters.  Even though they may not be able to afford high rents, they have a right to safe, affordable and decent housing.  Family structure within the living environment is the most important factor in proper child development and instilling values.  Community Outreach Properties, Inc. hopes that through their efforts, children from low-income or families with disabilities are "not cheated out" of their fair share of the American Dream.